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Installation and maintenance of universal shaft

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The correct installation is a key step for universal shaft which will affect the state of its use. The below notes are the references for user.

For any telescopic universal shaft must check the markings on the spline sets, align them to assure the phase error of the both side axial lines of the yoke bearing holes not more than 1o. Otherwise this may make the driving angular speed unequal to that of driven, and then with torsional virbration. The higher of the rolling speed, the worse of the result.

In theory, each end of the universal shaft can act as driving or driven end. That is to say, two ends of the universal shaft can be exchanged with each other in installation .Of course you should abide by the drawing 's requirements of transmission system . Two notes below need your special care

The spline set should be far away from vibriation and shocking source。

Avoid water of dirt entering the spline match surface.

Oil and grease should be cleaned thoroughtly before installing。 Any factors which may reduce friction force and decrease contacted area should also be cleared away。

The flange bolts of universal shaft for monolithic yoke or split yoke must be tightened with torque wrench according to the drawing';s request or the special tightening torque to listed in the parameter table so as to prevent the flange bolts from loosening in working to cause trouble.

Before the first using , bearing and spline sets must be fulfilled with lubrication grease. No.2 industrial lithium (Lz-2)grease can be used.
Safety and accident prevention measures should be undertake at the places where the running universal shaft might be the factor affecting the safety of person and property.                                                a.Universal shaft in common conditions is better to be maintained with the main machines after running for half or one year. Regular observation is needed in operation. For abnormal sound radial sway cross assembly axial running ,bearing hot ,fastener loose, repair and maintenance should be done timely.
b.Item should be check for maintenance:
.Checking the surface of cross journal ,roller .bearing rollaway . If with point corrosion, peel-off, cracking, or large trace, unilateral wearing capacity more than 0.05mm, parts should be replaced. Usually in maintenance , all adjust washers, sealing parts and circlips for hole should be replaced too.
.For spline sets ,with unilateral wearing capacity of the mating surface is greater than 0.35mm and distortion ,sets should be replaced.
.For universal shaft wearing parts with complicated situations and limited site conditions .we suggest user to dismantling the both side sleeves and deliver the universal shaft to professional factory for major repairs, high speed shafts in especial, dynamic balance test should be done after repair.



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