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The function of dynamic balance of coupling is briefly described

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Coupling dynamic balancing precision, not only influence the usage of coupling itself, but also the service life of the whole equipment has a close relationship with, so the coupling dynamic balancing precision must meet the design requirements;What are the factors that affect the dynamic balance?                                               

In modern times, there are many balance methods used by all kinds of machines, such as single surface balance (also known as static balance [1]). The balance frame is often used, and the balance of two sides (also known as dynamic balance) is used to use various dynamic balancing machines.                                                        

The dynamic balance of the coupling refers to the state of centrifugal force generated during the operation of the coupling, and the high quality coupling must strictly control the precision index of the coupling dynamic balance。Coupling dynamic balancing precision index is according to the different coupling types have different standard regulations of the state, for example, SL oldham coupling due to the effect of radial sliding of the sliding block, and his dynamic balance is the basic guarantee, the coupling of the manufacture of high quality is to coupling manufacturer with forging materials (with the corresponding heat treatment) as far as possible the whole processing, to avoid using cast steel materials internal organization defects (porosity, sand holes) deviates from the action of centrifugal force。


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