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Chuangming(Zhenjiang)Transmission Equipments Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is the first branch of Chuangming Group in Jiangsu Province . Chuangming is a manufacturing company dedicated in developing ,designing, manufacturing and selling  basic transmission parts. We adhering"Time is the basic of thought,Practice is the source of theory" as the developing thought. Expecting to build a bright future with our customers.
       Our Main products:Diaphragm coupling,standard or non-standard (flexible, elastic, rigid or universal )shaft coupling,elastic pin coupling, elastic sleeve pin coupling,flexible plum coupling,brake wheel or brake disc type, curved tooth type,straight tooth type,cross joint type,ball-cage type universal coupling and so on.



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    Chuangming(Zhenjiang)Transmission Equipments Manufacturing Co。,Ltd。 is the first branch of Chuangming Group in Jiangsu P。。。。。。。。。


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