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How to choose the proper coupling

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The coupling model is based on the torque, rotational speed, allowable deviation and so on.When choosing standard coupling should be according to the application requirements and working conditions, drum type coupling, such as bearing capacity, rotational speed, two axes relative displacement, buffer vibration absorbing and installation, maintenance and replacement vulnerability drum type coupling etc. Comprehensive analysis to determine.The following points can be considered in the order of specific selection, which should be taken into consideration by the coupling.

1.The coupling of the original motive and the working coupling.The type of the original motive is different, its output power and speed, some are stationary, some shocks even strong impact or vibration.This will directly affect the selection of the coupling type, which is one of the primary bases of selection.For the stability of the load and the development of the industry, we can choose the newly elastic pin coupler. Otherwise, we should choose the elastic cylinder pin coupling and the TL type elastic sleeve pin coupling.

2.Shafting and operation of couplings.For the quality of the connection shaft, moment of inertia, and often starting, speed or reverse, should consider to choose can bear larger instantaneous overload, and can buffer vibration absorbing elastic dowel pin shaft coupling.

3。Work coupling speed high and low, for high-speed operation of the two shaft coupling, should consider to choose coupling structure has high equilibrium precision characteristics, in order to eliminate the vibration of the centrifugal force produced by and noisy, and increase the drum type coupling wear and heat transmission and the quality and service life of the diaphragm coupling is better adapted to high speed。   

According to the size of the transmission load, the height of the shaft speed, the installation precision of the two parts connected, and the various coupling characteristics, select a type of coupling type.The following points may be considered in the specific selection:

1.The torque size and properties required to be transmitted and the requirements for buffering function.For example, for heavy-duty transmission of high power, the gear coupling can be used;For the transmission of severe impact load or the requirement to eliminate torsional vibration of shafting, it is possible to choose a coupler with high elasticity.                                                                                                 

2.The working speed of the coupling and the centrifugal force.For high-speed transmission shaft, the coupling with high balance precision should be selected, such as diaphragm coupling, etc., instead of the eccentric sliding block coupling, etc.                                                                                      

3.The magnitude and direction of the relative displacement of the two axes.When the installation is adjusted, it is difficult to maintain the strict precision of the two axes, or when the two axes in the working process will produce a large additional relative displacement, the flexible coupling should be selected.

4.The reliability and working environment of the coupling.A non-lubricated coupling usually made of metal components is more reliable;The coupling that needs lubrication, its performance is easy to be affected by the degree of lubrication, and may pollute the environment;                                                                  

5。Manufacturing, installation, maintenance and cost of couplings。In the premise of satisfying the performance, it should be convenient to install and dismantle, maintain simple and low cost coupling。




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