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A variety of universal couplings how to choose

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SWP type Split bearing pedestal cross shaft universal coupling.In order to facilitate the replacement of the bearing, SWP type cross-axis universal coupling is designed to be split.The shaft bolt is fixed for rolling machinery, lifting transport machinery and other heavy machinery, connecting two shafts of different axes.Rotating diameter 160 ~ 640mm; 16 ~ 1250 kn m., nominal torque axis Angle A ~ F type is not more than 10 °, G type is not more than 5 °.The function is used to connect the two shafts together, and the two axes cannot be separated when the machine is running. Only when the machine stops and the connection is broken, the two axes can be separated.


It is used to connect two shafts (active and driven shafts) in different mechanisms to make it spin together to deliver the mechanical parts of torque。In the power transmission of high speed overload, some couplings have the function of buffering, damping and improving the dynamic performance of shafting。The coupling consists of two parts, which are connected with the drive shaft and the driven shaft。 The general power machine is connected by coupling and working machine。

National standard of universal couplings

The cross shaft universal coupling is a large universal coupling, and the bearing is the vulnerable part of the cross shaft universal coupling。The main difference of several large cross-axis universal couplings is the change of bearing pedestal and cross head, forming different structure forms。To ensure the synchronization of principal and driven shaft, adopt dual form, in the actual application of the double connection way is welded or bolted flange plate connector, the length in the middle of the changes can take many forms。The cross shaft universal coupling cross - head parts have the following forms:   SWC type integrity fork cross shaft universal coupling (JB/T 5513-2006), SWP partial cross shaft bearing type universal coupling (JB/T 3241-2005), integral SWZ bearing the cross shaft universal coupling (JB/T 3242-1993), type WS small double cross shaft universal coupling (JB/T 5901-1991), WSD, small single cross shaft universal coupling (JB/T 5901-1991), SWP cross shaft universal coupling with cross package (JB/T 7341。1 2005), the WGC cross axle type universal coupling with cross package (JB/T 7341。2 2006)。                   

The above heavy and small cross shaft universal couplings are general motors, and the different models of the automobile industry have their own special cross-axis universal couplings or other varieties of universal couplings.For example, the car selects the ball cage type universal coupling.In addition, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery and other sports machinery products also have special universal coupling, lifting most of the use of the cross shaft universal coupling.


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