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Use and adjustment of gear coupling

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Coupling is also called the coupling, and the main transmission shaft, used to connect's institutions due to mechanical equipment, all kinds of coupling function also is slightly different, such as coupling on the forklift is used to transfer power between the transmission and drive axle.Below 3 t forklift for drive train longitudinal size short, generally USES the rigid connection structure, namely from the engine to the drive axle adopt bolt connection, namely from the engine to the drive axle is a whole rigidity, in central rigid overall, adopt gear coupling.The forklift above 5t has a long longitudinal dimension of the transmission system, which generally adopts universal joint.Drive the power through the coupling to the forklift drive axle.

    The gear coupling is connected by two coupling plates through its internal and external teeth。The connecting plate with internal and external teeth is connected by the spline or key with the transmission and the drive bridge。

    1)The spline tooth is damaged on the gear and should be replaced when the clearance is greater than 0。4mm。

    2)When the keyway is damaged, the key groove is allowed to be expanded and replaced。Or in the place of the original keyway 60 to the other inserted keyway。

    3)When the gear coupling is adjusted, the coaxial degree of the two axes should not be greater than 0.4mm.


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