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Attention to grinding method of gear coupling

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First of all, we should choose suitable abrasive, usually with alumina white corundum grinding powder, which is suitable for fine grinding steel, high speed steel, etc., and it is convenient to purchase.At the beginning, the grinding powder of w40-w20 can be used first, and then the grinding powder of w14-w7 can be used for grinding.Lubricants are made of turpentine or kerosene, and a small amount of stearic acid can be added to the oil.The market has a ready-made lapping paste for sale, as long as the selected granularity is appropriate, and the lubricants can be used.

When the teeth are grinded, the grinding material is applied to the teeth, and the lubricating oil is evenly spread, and the hub is pushed to the position where the inner and outer teeth are stuck.Use the hand to push the inner ring of the outer ring of the hub to make the inner and outer ring to move along the direction of the axis, and lubricate it under the action of abrasive.In grinding teeth, the force should be uniform, the movement should be kept horizontal, the speed of the movement should be lower, the time of each time should not be too long, to prevent the overheating of the surface.In particular, the inner ring should be moved back and forth throughout the tooth, so that the entire straight tooth can be worn.Because tooth when keyless coupling design considering the axis of when two axis position error of the entities and the unit from cold to hot operating condition when two shaft position change may cause the error, so the wheel tooth outside is shorter, and into the drum, gear ring is in a relatively long straight tooth, can make the coupling compensation comprehensive displacement caused by various factors.Therefore, it is important to grind the whole trip back and forth, so as to ensure that the floating volume of the coupling can meet the requirements of the drawing.   During the grinding process, it is difficult to measure and advance the fish. Generally, the force and method of the edge grinding are achieved in the heart, until the pushing quantity reaches the requirement and the inner and outer teeth are not stuck.After finishing the grinding, the abrasives should be cleaned thoroughly before the internal and external teeth ring, so as to avoid the effect of the residual abrasion on the tooth surface and affect the service life of the couplings.The grinding couplings are proved to have good use performance through long run assessment, so this method is feasible.Of course, the specific conditions should be analyzed in detail, and it is appropriate to grind the teeth only if the calculation confirms that the grinding allowance is small.                                                                          

Type coupling is not big, it is the important foundation of mechanical transmission parts, and the drum gear coupling is on the basis of spur type coupling to satisfy large dip Angle, dip Angle, small size and high reliability, technical requirements, such as the coupling compared with straight tooth type coupling, can compensate radial axial Angle between the two axis and its comprehensive displacement, and the transmission torque range is big, allowable speed is high, in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, ship lifting transportation machinery and equipment for more and more widely used.China's research on this technology is relatively late, mainly through digestion and absorption of imported technology, using the method of mapping imitation to carry out single or small batch production.The result is that the design theory is not complete, the design information is not complete, and the manufacturing technology is backward, resulting in poor product performance.At present, the drum gear coupling on some important domestic machinery equipment still depends on the import.So by drum tooth coupling of theoretical research and technology development, to form an internationally advanced level the series products of the new drum gear coupling, it has important academic and economic benefits.

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