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The difference between groove coupling and diaphragm coupling

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The difference between groove coupling and diaphragm type coupling。                                               

The cross - groove coupler is made of 45 - grade steel。 If it is used in the light load high speed, the 35CrMoA is applied to reduce the volume and radius。If used on equipment with large and bulky torque and low speed, HT200 castings are generally used。Cross grooved coupling this choice, generally used in high torque low speed rotation device, HT200 and 45 quenched and tempered steel is the most commonly used materials。 High speed transmission equipment in small torque, general need not。 HT200 cross grooved coupling, in the farm equipment (brick making machine, crushing machine, oil press, warping machine, etc。) with the most common。         

Groove coupling: high torsional rigidity, high torque, no backlash, small.One body shape, rigid big, zero back gap.The Angle error is better.Stainless steel has a good torque.Stainless steel material is more suitable for the room.[usage] suitable for decoder, small power transmission mechanism, high precision transmission.

The diaphragm coupling is a bit like a bellows coupling, in fact the coupling delivers torque in the same way.The diaphragm itself is very thin, so it is easy to bend when the relative displacement load is generated, so it can withstand a deviation of up to 1.5 degrees and produce a lower bearing load in the servo system.Diaphragm coupling is often used in servo system, the diaphragm has good torque rigidity, but it is less than the bellows coupling.                                                                                

Single diaphragm coupling characteristics: high torque bearing, high torque rigidity and excellent sensitivity;Free maintenance, super oil and corrosion resistance;Zero turn clearance;Compact coupling with short length;Compensation Angle deviation of stainless steel diaphragm;The clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics are identical.                                                                        

Characteristics of double diaphragm coupling: tolerance Angle, eccentricity and axial deviation of double diaphragm stainless steel diaphragm;Free maintenance, super oil and corrosion resistance;Zero turn clearance;Compact coupling, long length.   

Diaphragm coupling with seven kinds of structure, the smallest coupling transmission torque range from 10 nm starting, and the biggest coupling transmission torque range of up to 8100000 nm, because the diaphragm has six Angle, the modelling of eight Angle more or 10 Angle, so the torque transmission is very uniform, the applicable temperature from - 20 ℃ + 280 ℃, the use of special materials for at least。


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